The link below allows you to watch our mares prior to and during (and after) foaling. To the best of our knowledge we were the first UK based stud showing live foalings on the web.

The foalcam has been changed to use flash player. This will enable it to be seen on most mobile phones although you will need the Photon app on IPhone/IPad.

Please see foals page for details of our foals due in 2013

Cam is currently OFF as we are foaling later and outside this year - back March 2014!

 Please note that the mares are in (and on cam) at night but spend most of the day in the field!

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Please click here to Watch Foal Web Cam

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Please give us your feedback on the cam as we are still learning; suggestions are very welcome. 

If you are interested in how the cam works, click here.

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