Criccieth Dorlen

August 2010 - aged 18

Foaled :- 1992
Purchased :- September 2004

Dory is everything a section A should be; she is a lovely deep mare with good limbs, a good length of rein, has a well set-on tail, and she moves like a train! She is a very consistent breeder of top quality foals but above all she's a fantastic character and we love her to bits! 

 Revel Provence
 Revel Humming Top  Revel Centre  Revel Chip
 Revel Chelsea
 Revel Humming Bird  Revel Chelsea Fan
 Revel Hey Lady
 Revel Petra  Revel Orange Pip  Clan Pip
 Revel Sepha
 Revel Pavane  Rondeels Pengwyn
 Revel Playtime
 Twnffrwd Dorlen
 Revel Chip  Clan Pip  Clan Tony
 Clan Prue
 Revel Choice  Vardra Sunstar
 Vardra Charm
 Myndd Bach Pearl  Aston Neifion  Aston Garaway
 Betws Nia
 Myndd Bach Ruby  Downland Serchog
 Tanlan Heli


2005 - Boothsdale Dawnus  - filly by Revel Hamish
2006 - Boothsdale Dambuster - colt by Swinford Highwayman
2007 - Boothsdale Dotyn - filly by Swinford Highwayman
2008 - Boothsdale Dewi ap Skyline - colt by Eppynt Skyline
2009 - Boothsdale Dymuniad - filly by Dyfed Prophet
2010 - Boothsdale Disglerio - filly by Criccieth Arwr
2011 - Boothsdale Dylan- colt by Criccieth Arwr (Holland)
2012 - Boothsdale Diamond Jubilee- filly by Criccieth Arwr

Show record
Although Dory is by no means a show mare (she's no spring chicken and was very fat before we got her and we can't get rid of the crest!) she has had some excellent results.
2005 -
   1st Senior Broodmare Clwyd Summer Medal Show
              2nd Senior Broodmare North Western Summer
             4th Senior Broodmare Anglesey
              5th Senior Broodmare Cheshire County

September 2006

21st March 2010 - 18 years young!

Dory leading her herd!