Unfortunately we do not have the time or facilities to take visiting mares.

Currently resident at Boothsdale

Criccieth Arwr

(born 1990)

leased 2009,10,11

 purchased 2013



Up and coming....

Boothsdale Voltage 

(born 2012)

Criccieth Arwr x Eppynt Vanilla Moon


Retained as future stud stallion

currently leased to the Eppynt Stud

Boothsdale Starburst 

(born 2014)

Criccieth Arwr x Aberlogin Sabrina




Used previously

Tillybo Merlyn 

(born 2000)

used 2012 + 2013


used 2008

Barracks Candyman

I was looking to lease a stallion for the first time in 2008 when Sandra of the Triad Stud very generously offered Charlie. Charlie is by the renowned stock getter Blaenau Dion and out of the lovely Friars Cream Cracker. He is a fantastic chunky little chap with the most wonderful temperament

Swinford Highwayman

Although he has never been resident at Boothsdale Highwayman gets a special mention as we have been very privileged to be able to use him on a number of mares.


Blaenau Dion
Moorcock Halcyon Penant Boy Blue Rowfant Peacock
Revel Jux
Moorcock Ymson Moorcock Umdinger
Moorcock Unique
Blaenau Valeska Revel Spirit Revel Polish
Cwrtygaer Solstice
Blaenau Valentine Dyfed Scamp
Blaenau Velvet
Friars Cream Cracker
Dyfed Harlequin Dyfed Scamp Revel Humming Top
Dyfed Sibli
Dyfed Gretal Dyfed Geraint
Revel Gretal
Weston Welsh Model Dyfed Crackerjack Revel Polish
Dyfed Chiffon
Weston Little Model Carnalw Hyderus
Revel Confetti


Maesgwyn Playboy
Maesgwyn Spinner Revel Humming Top Revel Centre
Revel Humming Bird
Maesgwyn Sonic Revel Chelsea Fan
Castle Songster
Maesgwyn Penny Revel Janus Clan Pip
Revel Jade
Twyford Penny Clan Dirk
Clan Prue
Maesgwyn Heulwen
Revel Chelsea Cracker Revel Chelsea Fan Revel Cello
Revel Chelsea
Revel Chelsea Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Toptown Happy Morn Rondeels Pengwyn Twyford Thunder
Coed Coch Pwffiad
Revel Heddiw Clan Pip
Rhyd-y-felin Seren Heulyn