Polaris Tamarisk

April 2005

Foaled :- 1997
Purchased :- Polaris dispersal sale September 2004

Brynparc Carwyn
Kelcot Boisterous Revel Janus Clan Pip
Revel Jade
Baledon Victoria Gredington Simwnt
Revel Venetia
Mandiff Camelia Revel Cello Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Revel Cornet Rhyd-y-felin Syndod
Revel Coronet
Polaris Tudful
Nerwyn Pelydryn Coed Coch Pendaur Coed Coch Bari
Coed Coch Pelydrog
Coed Coch Lilli Coed Coch Pryd
Coed Coch Tarian
Polaris Tarren Coed Coch Gethin Coed Coch Salsbri
Coed Coch Pelydrog
Coed Coch Tarian Coed Coch Saled
Coed Coch Mari

- Polaris Tulip by Nerwyn Cadno
- Polaris Tosca by Nerwyn Pelydryn (exported to Holland)
2005 - Boothsdale Talitha by Nerwyn Telor
2006 - Empty
2007 - Boothsdale Twilight by Quinton Light (Quinton Jimbo x Quinton Moonlight)
2008 - Left empty due to house move

Show record
2007 - 
   2nd Broodmare, barren mare + gelding NCPA Open Show (despite being a little mind blown!)
               4th Cheshire County

In the snow March 2006

April 2005 - 2 days prior to foaling