Just a quick Thank You to everyone who attended and helped with our open day, was lovely to see you all :)
I have been horrendous at updating this page this year but here's this years show results....

Cerrigydrudion - Boothsdale Disglerio - 1st 2+3yr old fillies and Reserve Youngstock Champion
                          Boothsdale Hufflepuff - 1st foal and Reserve Supreme Foal Champion
                          Crumpwell Hayfa - 2nd broodmare

North Western Silver Medal - Boothsdale Bethan - 1st 3yr old fillies and Reserve Youngstock Champion
                                              Trehwfa Saha - 3rd Barren mare

Minsterley - Trehwfa Sash - 1st Barren mare and Reserve Champion
                   Boothsdale Bethan - 1st 3yr old filly

Flint and Denbigh - Aberlogin Sabrina - 1st Senior Brood Mare, Champion Section A and SILVER MEDAL winner!
                              Trehwfa Sasha - 1st Barren Mare
                              Boothsdale Storm Cat - 4th foal

Eglwysbach - Boothsdale Disglerio - 1st 2+3yr old filly

Clwyd Silver Medal - Boothsdale Disglerio - 2nd 3yr old filly

Aberystwyth - Boothsdale Bethan - 1st 2+3yr old fillies Youngstock Champion and Reserve Section A Champion

Severn Valley WPCA - Boothsdale Disglerio - 1st 3yr old fillies and Reserve Youngstock Champion

Gwynedd WPCA- Boothsdale Bethan - 1st 3yr old fillies and Reserve Youngstock Champion

Shropshire County - Boothsdale Bethan - 1st 2+3yr old fillies Youngstock Champion and Reserve Section A Champion

Lancashire WPCA - Trehwfa Sasha - LAST - oops!

Glanusk - Boothsdale Disglerio - 2nd 3yr old filly
                Boothsdale Bethan - 4th 3yr old filly
                Boothsdale Voltage - 3rd yearling colt

West Mercia - Boothsdale Bethan - 2nd 3yr old fillies

NPS Area 27 - Boothsdale Bethan - 2nd mixed 2+3yr olds (beaten by a colt)




26/08/2012 Lovely day at North Western Silver Medal Show (our last show of the season). Bethan won a good class of 2yr old fillies and Ginny was a slightly disappointing 4th in the yearling fillies.
18/08/2012 Minsterley Show - Crumpwell Hayfa had her first ever outing and was slightly mind blown but had a very respectable 3rd in the barren mare class behind Frongoch Betsan and Swinford Puffin. Her foal B.Hedwig also had a little stage fright but was 2nd in a strong class.
4/08/2012 Oswestry Show - With Dad on part duties Patries Kok of the Peacock Stud (Holland) did a super job of showing our ponies. Bethan was 2nd in a mixed 2 and 3yr old class to Coffeepot Aryzona whilst Ginny was a slightly disappointing 4th in a strong yearling class.

The evening saw a lovely party for Mum's 60th with several pony friends amongst the invitees. Mum was absolutely thrilled to receive a lovely Yvonne Garner painting (organised by Patries Kok) depicting our two foundation mares - Pantymel Buddig and Criccieth Dorlen.



29/07/2012 Worsley Silver Medal Show - Bethan put on a good show (despite the mud and Dad's shoe coming apart in the ring!) she won her class, was reserve youngstock champ (behind Coffeepot Arzyona) and was 2nd Reserve in the championship qualifying for the Welsh Nationals. 
Big well done to our friends Liz nd Peter Sherlock who won their first silver medal with their lovely Swinford Puffin.
19/11/2011 Boothsdale Malteaser Champion hunter pony and 1st M+M Small breeds at his show today.
Well done Liz and Drew (and Malt of course!)
09/11/2011 News from Holland - Dylan and Dolly have arrived safely and are settling in well.
06/11/2011 Boothsdale Malteaser's first show with his new Scottish owners. 
He was 2nd to Waitwith Golden Wonder, well done to Drew and Liz for having him looking so well!
Malt also got to meet his full brother Maverick!

05/11/2011 Clwyd WPCA
Boothsdale Vanilla 4th

Colin collected Boothsdale Dylan and Boothsdale Dolly Mixture to head off on the first leg of their journey to the Rivendell Stud, Holland.
They will hopefully arrive on Tuesday.


30/10/2011 Welsh National
Boothsdale Butterfly - 2nd foal to make a future M+M LR
Boothsdale Vanilla - 7th of 36 Section A filly foals


23/10/2011 Shropshire NCPA
Boothsdale Butterfly - 1st and Reserve Supreme (but very unimpressed by it all!)


09/10/2011 Malteaser and Storm head off to their new home in Scotland. Wishing Liz and Drew the best of luck with them.
The end of the summer season for us as we seem to have picked up a snotty nose bug so are grounded for the time being.
Ponies will hopefully be back to normal soon.
10/08/2011 Anglesey Show
Boothsdale Bethan - 1st yearling filly, she will now go out for her winter hols!
27/07/2011 Nantwich Show
Boothsdale Bethan - 1st yearling filly
Tillybo Merlyn - 1st stallion


24/07/2011 Worsley Silver Medal
Boothsdale Dotyn - 2nd Junior mare
Boothsdale Dolly Mixture - 2nd foal
Boothsdale Dymuniad - 4th 2yr old filly


10/07/2011 Boothsdale Dymuniad 1st 2 or 3 yr old filly on her first outing of the year at NPS Area 27 Summer

While yesterday Boothsdale Maverick was first M+M Ystck at NPS Scotland - well done Nicola - here is a picture of Morris with Nicolas Dad.


25/06/2011 Boothsdale Disglerio 1st yearling filly Ynys Mon WPCA Summer Show


Boothsdale Disglerio 1st in a strong yearling class at Warrington Show
08/05/2011 Tillybo Merlyn 1st NPS Area 27 Spring
09/04/2011 Clwyd WPCA - Merlyn 2nd  and Disglerio 3rd in a good class

Meanwhile Morris (Boothsdale Maverick) was 2nd and best gelding at the Scottish WPCA Spring Show

05/03/2011 NCPA Cheshire - First show of the season and first outing for Tillybo Merlyn since he joined us. 
He was a little star and went beautifully winning the Small breeds 4yrs and over and qualifying for NPS Champs, Equifest and NCPA Pony of the Year show! Most importantly Dad really enjoyed showing him so hopefully he will have a few more outings


02/03/2011 Morris (Boothsdale Maverick) is sold and will be off to Scotland in a week or so


28/02/2011 We waved Polly (Boothsdale Buddig) off on her long trip down South. 
Her new owners plan to back her and bring her out under saddle later this year - we can't wait to hear how she gets on


26/02/2011 The first of the broodmares have come back from the winter fields and are looking like they might think about foaling in a few weeks time


20/02/2011  Polly (Boothsdale Buddig) is sold and will be off down South in a couple of weeks


20/11/2010 Boothsdale Disglerio (Delilah) 1st + Res Ch Ynys Mon foal show - a good end to our season! Now a nice break until young stock shows and foals arriving in the spring.


13/11/2010 News from the Elcon Stud - Elcon Lacey Love Tale - Section A Champ and Res Supreme at Severn Valley Foal Show - A proud daddy moment for Tillybo Merlyn!


12/07/2010 NCPA Shropshire - first outing ever for Boothsdale Maverick (Morris) and first of the year for Dotyn. Lovely day and both won their classes. Many thanks to John (Elcon Stud) for an extra pair of hands in the championship!


23/06/2010 Cheshire Show - Daisy (Boothsdale Dymuniad) 2nd in a huge class of yearling fillies at Cheshire County - a brilliant result as Cheshire seems to be one of those shows we just can't win at!!


12/06/2010 Aberystwyth Show - we just took Daisy (Boothsdale Dymuniad) and were pleased to be 3rd in a very strong class of yearling fillies


10/06/2010 Gretal has finally foaled - we think a perlino colt!
06/06/2010 Lloc show - Polly (Boothsdale Buddig) 4th in the 2/3yr old class - she was not n the mood today and just couldn't be bothered!


31/05/2010 My second judging appointment - this time West Yorkshire - a lovely show with some very nice ponies. 
Champion was the super broodmare Tillybo Top Totty with Barracks Dancing Queen in reserve
Youngstock Champion was the very elegant Wilmira Matylda followed by Elcon Model Miss

Also really enjoyed watching Brynseion Dion (who we sold in 2008) win the leading rein class with his young jockey. Dion is a grandson of Criccieth Melisa who is now here at Boothsdale.


30/05/2010 Finally a show! - Muleberry - Daisy (Boothsdale Dymuniad) 1st in the yearling filly, Polly (Boothsdale Buddig) 1st 2+3yr old filly and Reserve Champion (qualifying for the Welsh Nationals)


17/05/2010 Criccieth Melisa scanned in foal to Arwr for 2011 (approx 35 days) .... guess that explains why she hasn't shown any signs of coming into season!


16/05/2010 My first medal show - NCPA Staffs - some good classes and some very nice ponies. Champion was a lovely barren mare I have always admired - Colliyers Cotton Socks and Reserve was the yearling filly Elcon Model Miss


09/05/2010 Lovely day out to the hill ponies open day - some lovely ponies, great weather and good friends!


13/04/2010 Sasha foals her first - a chestnut filly by Criccieth Arwr - what a super front this little foal has


08/04/2010 Moon foals a lovely chunky colt by Criccieth Arwr


06/04/2010 Weston Gretal tested as in foal to Criccieth Gowr- we now have 5 foals due this year!


28/03/2010 Poppy foals a super filly by Criccieth Arwr - despite having someone staying to "see a foaling" the cameras were on Moon and Sasha and we missed the whole thing!


16/03/2010 Dorlen has done it again - another super filly by Arwr - if they all come out like this one I'll be very happy!


01/03/2010 Very sad to report that we have lost the very promising young mare Criccieth Gail with suspected grass sickness.
Really feeling rather numb right now and can't quite believe it. 


12/12/2009 Head off to Builth for the WPCS judges seminar. A very interesting and informative day.


14/11/2009 Daisy (Boothsdale Dymuniad) recovering in the vets following colic surgery - fingers crossed all seemed to go well and she should be back with us soon.


06/11/2009 Passed the wpcs judges assessment and is now on the panel - really pleased - thank you so much to everyone who said I could do it!


31/10/2009 WPCS judges assessment - nearly didn't go as Criccieth Gail is very ill with suspected salmonella - fingers crossed all will be OK!


12/10/2009 Very sad to report the death of a friend and colleague Miss Margaret Evans. A true old fashioned horse woman of the like we no longer have!


02/10/2009 Back from Hay - We have been naughty again - Mum's call this time! We bought home Eppynt Silver Surprise (now named Sprite) she is by Sunwillow Pesaro and out of Eppynt Silver Miss (one of the most beautiful mares I have ever seen) 


30/09/2009 We had some lovely Dutch visitors to the stud - hope they enjoyed the ponies (and the cake!)




Back from Fayre Oaks with a super new addition - Weston Gretal - Gretal is by Dyfed Harlequin and out of the very beautiful Weston Mondi (dam of this years Glanusk Ch filly)

Dropped Criccieth Jacque off with her new owners and sold the 2 boys to super homes! Brenin is off to the Hoekhurst Stud in Holland


19/09/2009 Clwyd Sale - Balthazar and Velocity both sold to lovely new homes. Best of luck to their new owners.
17/05/2009 2nd show of the season, NWA Welsh at Southview. We just took Polly (Boothsdale Buddig). She was a very good girl and won her class. Unfortunately no photographer so no pretty pictures!


24/04/2009 Moon foaled her first foal a smart chestnut (to go grey?) colt by Barracks Candyman

Melisa has wax so maybe another tomorrow??


08/04/2009 Dorey foaled a lovely bay to go grey filly foal by Dyfed Prophet - pics now on foal page


20/03/2009 Foalcam is now on line.

Dorey is on cam with a pretty full udder. No more wax as yet though...


16/03/2009 Power cut last night so the cam wasn't even working here and the burglar alarm went off from about 2am - all fun!

This morning Dorey had waxed .... but by this evening the wax had gone and she has a noticibly smaller udder - phew! Am putting it all down to being disturbed by the burglar alarm last night.


21/02/2009 Well today feels like the first day of spring! 

The ponies we're showing are coating nicely and Dorey has started to bag up and looks on track for a slightly early foal

Arwr is looking well and has been enjoying some play time with the 3 yearling colts. He is a such a star and a complete and utter softy with them all.


26/10/2008 We went today to the C|riccieth stud to collect Criccieth Arwr. He has come for his winter holidays and will cover the Boothsdale mares before returning home in June 2009. It is an honour to have this little man with us and to top it all he's like a cuddly teddy bear!

Arwr is currently residing in Cheshire together with all our young stock (HUGE thank you to Liz and Peter Sherlock!) but will return home in about a month when stables and fencing should hopefully be finished!


06/09/2008 We dropped Liza (Gemstone Liza) off at her new home. She has been loaned out to Sarah Pinfield for her daughter Amy to bring out under saddle. We look forwards to lots of updates on their progress!


31/08/2008 We went down to Crickhowell for the Hill Ponies Open Day at the Blaenau stud. Had a lovely time and saw some fantastic ponies. We took lots of pictures a slide show of which can be seen below.



03/08/2008 This years showing season has been very bitty due to lack of stables, ill ponies and ill people! But we are pleased to announce that...
***Planning permission has been granted for the new stable block***
Work will hopefully commence after the August bank holiday weekend and the stables will (fingers crossed) be up in time for weaning!


26/05/2008 Warrington Show - Gemstone Liza 2nd in a good barren mare class and Boothsdale Dotyn 2nd to the eventual champion (Gladlys Princess Grace) in an excellent mixed sex yearling class


25/05/2008 Gemstone Liza has an outing to Lloc medal show where she wins the barren mare class

Pantymel Buddig foals a lovely bay (to go grey) colt at 11.30pm - so not much sleep for me!


17/05/2008 Criccieth Melisa foals a stunning colt by Criccieth Arwr. He is currently pally but will, I think, go grey


10/05/2008 Builth Spring Sales and Criccieth Reduction - I am over the moon to announce that we came home with a new addition - Criccieth Melisa. Melisa is a very beautiful daughter of Revel Hey Lady and by Maestir Odyssey

Melisa is in foal to Criccieth Arwr. 


09/05/2008 Tammy (Polaris Tamarisk) is sold and will be off to the Isle of Man later in the summer


07/05/2008  News from Holland! Polaris Tosca has given birth to her first foal, a beautiful colt by Flydon Hapus ap Henri. Many congratulations to Rhode, Piet and of course Tosca!


03/05/2008 Our first trip to Glanusk - Doty 3rd in an excellent class of yearling fillies behind the reserve Section A Champion!


26/04/2008 Dory foals a colt at 2.30am.


22/04/2008 Dory now very well bagged up - don't think she's far off


12/04/2008 Clwyd WPCA - Polly 4th in another strong class of yearling fillies (the winner was champion)


05/04/2008 Have started to bring Dory (Criccieth Dorlen) in at night as she's now pretty well bagged up. The camera is also back up and running - see foalcam


17/03/2008 First show of the season. Polly (Boothsdale Buddig) was 4th in a strong class of 15 yearling fillies under Sue Harries (Castlemead) at NWAWPCS.

It's great to have the season under way and to be getting the chance to catch up with all our pony friends! It does seem very early to be trying to get ponies in show condition though! Bit of a break now though until Clwyd on the 12th April


15/01/2008 Dion has been sold to a lovely home and goes to join his father (Cardi) in Yorkshire. I is hoped that he will have a few outings in hand this year and then come out under saddle in 2009. We wish Julia, Belinda and the children the best of luck with him and look forwards to hearing how he gets on.


01/01/2008 Happy New Year!

Looking forward to this years shows and foals. We only have 2 foals due this year as we left a few of the mares empty due to the house move.


09/10/2007 Finally broadband is back!


07/10/2007 Just got back from Hay with two new additions Criccieth Jacque and Criccieth Jalila - two grey filly foals and both half sisters to Gail!


23/09/2007 We are now happily installed at Buarth Mawr. A few teething problems (such as the lack of internet connection!!!) but other than that all settling in well!

Twinkle sold to a nice home at Fayre Oaks (despite being in the ring at about 6.30pm on the Sunday!) and is now back in Cheshire. The other BIG news from Fayre Oaks was Lulu's daughter Penboeth Lowri selling for 3,400.

Hedwig has gone to live at Reasheath College and now has the job of teaching students "horse handling"

Oh, and we did manage a show before the move! Liza was third in a very good barren mare class at Anglesey - pictures to be added once home internet fixed!!!

We're hoping to make it to a few foal shows so hopefully news will follow...


20/07/2007 House sale has exchanged so we are definitely on the move! I'm going to need to cut back on numbers slightly - please see for sale page or enquire if there's someone specific you'd like!


19-20/06/2007 Despite broken down vehicles and copious amounts of mud we had a lovely time on the rare breeds stand at Cheshire and thoroughly enjoyed telling everyone about the hill ponies. Those seeking further information can find suitable links under hill ponies on the links page!

Showing wise Tammy was 4th in the senior broodmare class


16/06/2007 Not much happening in the way of pony news at the moment - we have made a very hurried decision to move house so much time has been taken up with viewings here and (having failed to buy the auction property we wanted) trying to find somewhere to move to!


23/05/2007 I nipped to Beeston for a "quick look" on the way to work - very glad I did as we now have a new addition - my first Revel pony - Revel Lulu

Pictures will appear when she settles in and fills out a bit!


19/05/2007 NPS Area XI 
Judge - Beryl Edwards (Minsterley)
Criccieth Gail - 3rd 2/3yr old filly/gelding
Trehwfa Sasha - 4th yearling filly/gelding

Sasha will now be turned away for a little while to mature.


13/05/2007 NCPA Shropshire

Took Sasha and Gail out for their first show of the season under Dennis Price (Afan). Sasha won her class and Gail managed a creditable 2nd despite dropping off a lot of condition on the way there and looking a little like a greyhound!


05/05/2007 NCPA Open Show - Our first show of the season (and Polaris Tamarisks first ever outing!)

Despite being just a little bit mind blown by the whole thing Tammy behaved beautifully. Her first run out was virtually non-existent but she just started to get going whilst doing her individual run out.

She ended up a very creditable second in a strong mixed class of broodmares, barrens and geldings


25/04/2007 Poppy foaled a beautiful filly foal at 10.45pm. She is the spitting image of her older full brother Boothsdale Brudiwr

We can't believe our luck - 3 healthy foals and all fillies! Only problem is I can't keep all 3 so will have some tough decisions to make!


18/04/2007 Dory foaled a beautiful filly foal at 9.30pm. She has the most exquisite head.


15/04/2007 Twinkle has unfolded nicely and Tammy is struggling to keep up!


12/04/2007 Tammy has produced a beautiful filly foal at 1.55am - Boothsdale Twilight (Twinkle)


09/04/2007 Tammy is now 8 days overdue and we're all a little short on sleep! Fingers crossed we should see a foal this week!


30/03/2007 Foalcam is back! Currently on cam is Tammy - due 1st April. There may be the odd shot of Dory though as after last years early arrival I don't quite trust her to last until her due date!


10/03/2007 The first two mares (Tammy and Dory) are starting to bag up and Tammy imparticular looks to be on track to foal before the end of March.


01/03/2007 Due to a change of circumstances Criccieth Dusky who we sold last year came back onto the market and following a chance enquiry from someone we used to know she is now back in Cheshire. I'm told that her new owner, Emilia, has changed her name to Snowy and is very excited about her new pony. We can't wait to hear how they both get on!


05/01/2007 Now looking forward to the spring shows and foals!!!!!

All the mares are hairy and muddy but looking nice and round!


02/12/2006 Another new face! Hinderton Humming Bird has joined us on loan from the Hinderton Stud.

Many thanks to Sue Rothery for this beautiful girl and to Ann Bale-Williams for putting us in touch in the first place!


19/11/2006 We have a new face at Boothsdale! Despite my disparaging remarks about miniatures Sooty has joined the family. He is a real little character!


09/10/2006 Back from a weekend at Hay - our first venture to Hay sales! Pleased to say that both of our ponies sold well to lovely homes. 

Dusky has gone to Kirsty Faulkner (and her daughter Olivia) and we are very much looking forward to hearing how she does under saddle! I'm told that she may well be re-christened Strawberry as "she's just scrumptious".

Lego has sold to Mrs Newman from Llantrisant as a potential stallion. We are looking forward to hearing how he gets on.


25/09/2006 Just returned from Fayre Oaks - both Tosca and Dambuster sold well both going to lovely homes. Dambuster went down south as a future lead rein and Tosca is off to Holland!

It was nice to see Tiverton Pudsey (who we had from a foal to 4yr old). He looked very well and headed off down to Cornwall.

Managed to resist the temptation of a couple of lovely older mares but found the filly foal I've spent all summer looking for! She's called Trehwfa Sasha and is just gorgeous! 


03/09/2006 NCPA Pony of the Year Show!!!!

Absolutely over the moon - Buster won his championship and went on (in the pouring rain) to take the Brown Turner 100 supreme. Thank you to everyone for their kind comments on him! It's just a shame his next outing is Fayre Oaks!


01/09/2006 Had a couple of days down in mid Wales to visit a few studs (Dyfed, Blaenau, Eppynt (for the open afternoon) and Afan). Saw some really lovely ponies - Thank you to everyone for their kind hospitality

Eppynt Skyline Looking gorgeous!

Eppynt Verity Jane - dam of Eppynt Vanilla Moon


27/08/2006 Midlands WPCA Silver Medal Show. Went down to collect Dion and took Tosca along for the ride. She was 3rd in an excellent mixed 2/3yo class. Unfortunately I let her down a bit - it was a huge ring and I just can't run fast enough!


19/08/2006 Minsterley - Dinky was second to a colt on only her 3rd outing this year. She has now been turned away for the winter


06/08/2006 Have bought Tosca in to get her ready for Fayre Oaks. Seeing as she was in we took her to Gredington and were very pleased to be 2nd to a three year old


22-27/07/06 Royal Welsh!! - Far too hot but had a great time. Everything stayed in and we brought home 2 rosettes so really can't complain.

There were some really, really lovely ponies entered and Tony Tilley did an excellent job of judging them 


09/07/2006 Delivered Renie to her fabulous new home. Having had phone calls from all over the country she's actually ended up just a couple of miles down the road!

We wish Jade the best of luck with her and can't wait to see her under saddle!


01/07/2006 News has been on the slow side recently - we seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time ferrying mares back and to from stud! Which combined with a hectic work schedule has led to a lack of shows (couldn't even show at Cheshire as I was stood on a stand!)


21/05/2006 Liza produced a gigantic colt foal at 11:55pm. - Boothsdale Legolas (and at the moment he is all legs, and very long ones at that!)


Photo courtesy of

Finally a decent photo! This is Twizzle (Boothsdale Talitha). Please excuse the expression on Dad's face - he was concentrating!


21/05/2006 Twizzle wins yearling class at Cholmondley medal show. Still no pictures - as it was tipping it down!

Also technical difficulties are now solved and the foalcam is back on line!


13/05/2006 Sad news - Unfortunately Harry (Crumpwell Hayfa) lost a lovely bay colt foal this morning.

We are now trying to get the camera sorted in time for Liza foaling!


12/05/2006 Foal cam is unfortunately off line until we get a replacement part! Fingers crossed we get it sorted before anything decides to foal! - So much for technology!


11/05/2006 Still only the one foal! Harry is getting very close, she's very restless and her udder is getting very tight - hopefully we should see a foal soon!


29/04/2006 Foal cam is now online!

Currently the cam is on Harry (Crumpwell Hayfa) she is not due until the 23rd May but she is fairly well bagged up and I don't think she's that far off

You may occasionally get a shot of Liza by mistake if we flick the picture between them. Liza is again due on the 23rd May but is only just starting to bag up.


23/04/2006 Took Twizzle for her first outing of the year to NCPA Cheshire. She was a little star (as always!) and won the section A yearling class under Gillian Oldham (Hollytree)

There would be pictures but the photographer forgot the camera and by the time we got home she'd had enough of being beautiful for one day!


21/04/2006 Mum and Dad called in on Boothsdale Busy Lizzie and Carland Hedwig and are pleased to report that they're growing nicely and looking very well!


09/04/2006 Went to visit Carland Lloyd George (Gemstone Liza's 2005 foal) at his new home today. I'm pleased to report that he's growing well and is being utterly spoilt - keep up the good work Annette!



First show of the season - snow, unfit handler's and general disorganisation! But we had a lovely day anyway!

Moon was 5th in the 2 and 3 year old fillies and behaved perfectly with just enough sparkle! Dinky was 5th in the yearling fillies but will now go out for a well earned break as she seemed a little bored with it all!


17/03/2006 Got a bit of a shock this morning when we went out to feed and found a foal! Dorlen has produced a lovely colt (a good three weeks earlier than expected and without much in the way of warning signs!). Fortunately both mother and baby appear to be doing well - I just wish it was a bit warmer and we had a little more grass!

Anyway, Snowy is doing well and seems to be very similar to his half sister Dawnus  - so we are VERY pleased!


12/03/2006 Have just returned from a trip to the Shacklebridge stud in Derbyshire where we went to visit Dyfed Popcorn. He really is a beautiful stallion and we are really looking forward to the prospect of using him next year!


04/03/2006 Despite the snow everything is moulting! Dory has started to 'bag up' so would definitely seem to be on track for an early April foal!


08/02/2006 The nights are finally starting to get lighter and the mares are starting to look a bit like very woolly hippos! First foal is due on the 8th April but we hope to have some show news before then!



24/12/2005 Delivered Boothsdale Busy Lizzie to her new home, Carland Hedwig has gone with her on loan for the time being. We wish Jill, Phil and Sally the best of luck with them both!


15/12/2005 Carland Lloyd George has gone to his new home - he is the smallest member of his new family by quite a long way and is being thoroughly spoilt! We wish Annette and Andy the best of luck with him!


27/11/2005 Not much happening at the moment - save for the mud! Everything apart from the foals is out and woolly on winter grazing!


23/10/2005 Today Gemstone Liza and Crumpwell Hayfa joined us from Anglesey. Hayfa has been added as a surprise graduation present for me! I fell in love with her when we went to look at Liza a couple of weeks ago but my budget wouldn't stretch far enough!


22/10/2005 Lancashire NCPA foal show - Twizzle (Boothsdale Talitha) had her first outing. She topped a class of 16 section A foals and then won the LR/FR class too!


02/10/2005 Today we went to Anglesey to visit Mr Duffy of the Carland Stud. We spent a lovely couple of hours looking at some beautiful ponies. We have purchased Gemstone Liza and her colt foal by Criccieth Boy Blue - they will be joining us shortly


26/09/2005 Back from 3 lovely days down at Fayre Oaks - Pleased to announce that Criccieth Gail has joined us. There were some lovely ponies around - I could have easily added a couple of others!


10/08/2005 Our first visit to Anglesey show - Boothsdale Dawnus (Dinky) wins a very strong section A foal class - we are over the moon! Criccieth Dorlen (her dam) was also 4th in the broodmare class! Thank you to everyone for their kind comments regarding Dinky - we can't believe how lucky we have been to have her as only our second Boothsdale foal!